Meeting the challenges of
the profiling process

What is the Profiling Coordination Training (PCT)?

The Profiling Coordination Training (PCT) is a practical, hands-on training held over six days that takes participants through the entire profiling process.

The Profiling Coordination Training (PCT) was originally developed in 2012, with the aim of building the capacity of the humanitarian and development community to conduct collaborative profiling exercises in displacement situations. Developed with support from the Feinstein International Center at Tufts University, the content is built around JIPS’ experience of profiling protracted displacement situations and is based on our competency framework for profiling coordination.

The entire training is based  in the fictional country scenario of Freedonia, which has been constructed specifically to support the learning outcomes of the course. Examples and case studies from JIPS’ work, including profiling within urban contexts, are also used to help put the theory into context. Participants come from governments, humanitarian and development organisations building upon their mixture of operational, technical and coordination experience during the course.

After successfully completely the training sessions, participants are able to develop and apply a range of vital profiling skills, including:

  • Identifying when profiling is the most appropriate approach
  • Understanding key players and establishing a coordination mechanism for profiling
  • Developing an effective methodology, based on quantitative and qualitative methods
  • Creating questionnaires, analysis plans and advocacy strategies
  • Organising field data collection and data processing
  • Analysing data, developing collaborative recommendations and disseminating results

The practical emphasis of the PCT gives participants the sense that they have actually undertaken a profiling exercise, boosting technical knowledge and enhancing their confidence to carry out a real project in the future.

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