Sharing profiling resources globally

Our tools

At JIPS, we collect our international experiences of profiling and use them to develop profiling tools and guidance. Our tools aim to support colleagues all over the world during all stages of a conducting profiling exercise.

The JIPS Essential Toolkit (JET) is a compilation of generic tools and guides for profiling exercises in IDP situations. The JET represents the JIPS best practice tools and is thereby a contribution to the PARK but also an independent database, where users can browse for assistance and inspiration at all stages of an IDP profiling exercise.


The Dynamic Analysis and Reporting Tool (DART) is a web-based data management system that allows users to explore profiling data online. Through the DART, users can explore, analyse and visualise displacement data collected through collaborative profiling exercises supported by JIPS.


Structured around the eight durable solutions criteria of the IASC Framework, the Durable Solutions Indicator Library allows users to select the themes and indicators that are relevant to their specific contexts. The Analysis Guide explains step-by-step how a comprehensive durable solutions analysis can be implemented, and how to monitor progress towards durable solutions over time.